Friday, February 28, 2020

Assignment 1 part 3 Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

1 part 3 - Assignment Example Anna loved her sister Kate so much that though she also suffered from pains due to medical procedures, she never opposed her parents’ decision in favour of Kate’s health. However, during court trial it was also the same sisterly love which made her pursue the lawsuit against her parents for medical emancipation. During her testimony in court when Campbell asked her as to who convinced her to file a lawsuit, she replied, â€Å"Kate.† (p.449). She recalled the time when she saw Kate holding pills, purposely to end her life (p.460). Then, at one time, Kate convinced her not to donate her kidney by making her imagine a life where she could join hockey, go to any college she wants without having to worry about her sick sister (p. 462). Following her sister Kate’s advice of not donating her kidney, she thought of filing a case against her parents for medical emancipation. Secondly, parents’ love for their children is a value very much evident in the novel. Sara loved Kate so much that she was willing to do every thing for her daughter’s sake even to the extent of representing herself and her husband in court against her own youngest daughter’s claim for medical emancipation. Brian had been a very loving and supportive father to Anna by making her stay with him in the fire station for a couple of days as court hearing commenced. Before the hearing, Brian sympathized with her daughter Anna and vowed to take side with her, allowing her not to donate her kidney. Yet, during the trial, he burst into tears, expressing his wish for Anna to donate her kidney to save Kate’s life. That’s how strong his love was for Kate. In another incident, we also see Brian as a very loving father to Jesse when he discovered that Jesse committed arson in an elementary school near their house as all the clues were pointing to him. Yet, Brian kept it as a secret out of love for his son. This incident touched Jesse

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

MIH512-Demography and Health (Module 4-SLP) Essay

MIH512-Demography and Health (Module 4-SLP) - Essay Example Morbidity refers to a measure that helps in determining factors that affect the individual's health such as abnormal conditions and illnesses; this section analysis aids prevalence in the UK and the US using year 2000 estimates. In 2000 it was estimated that 885 thousand individuals in the UK were living with Aids, and over 126 thousands individuals living with aids in the US, the total population in the UK was estimated at 58,886 thousands and 281421.906 thousand in the US. Therefore using the formula it is evident that aids prevalence rate of Aids in the UK was 150 per 10,000 individuals while the value was 447.8 per 10,000 in the US, this shows that there are relatively higher prevalence rate in the US than the UK. Disability is also an important health statistic, data show that 5.9% of the total population in the UK was disabled while 6.1% of the total population in the US was disabled in the year 2000, this means that we have more cases of disability in the US than in the UK according to the 2000 estimates. Fertility is also an important measure that indicates the trend in population, fertility can be indicated by the crude birth rate which is determined by dividing total births by the tot